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Learn more about the advantages of geothermal, including reducing your energy costs. Also see how the 2009 Stimulus bill can mean a 30% tax credit for you.

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Who we are

Jim Strandlund is the past President and active member of the Minnesota Geothermal Heat Pump Association (MNGHPA). Check out the MNGHPA's website at http://www.mnghpa.org

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"My Grandpa could show you how to save a lot of these!" Like our friend Josh, you too can save big on your heating and cooling by working with Strandlund. See more.


Best Burn Practices for your Wood Stove

A properly installed, correctly used wood-burning appliance should be smoke free. If you see or smell smoke that means you may have a problem. Practice the following guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency to Burn…

Jim Strandlund Named State Liaison in New IGSHPA Initiative

In the January 2016 issue of The Loop, the IGSHPA (International Ground Source Heat Pump Association) announced a new initiative in which they are in the process of implementing. The IGSHPA is building a liaison…

New Performance Standards Set for Residential Wood Heaters

On February 3, 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) strengthened its clean air standards for residential wood heaters to make new heaters significantly cleaner and improve air quality in communities where people burn wood…

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Strandlund Refrigeration has been providing sales, service, installations of premium refrigeration, heating, cooling and geothermal systems for residential and commercial customers since 1962 in Minnesota and Wisconsin.
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