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Stay cool and comfortable with a geothermal, forced-air, or retrofit cooling solutions from Aquarius Home Services

Geothermal Cooling (and Heating) Systems

If you're building new or considering a remodel, consider replacing your air conditioning with a geothermal heat pump system. With an excess of 500% efficiencies, geothermal is recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as the most earth friendly, safe and efficient heating and cooling systems. They transfer the earth’s energy stored 8′ underground through a series of earth or slinky loops. This energy is then extracted by the refrigeration process inside the geothermal heat pump, and transferred into the home or office via forced air or hydronic HVAC system. We offer heating and cooling offers premium geothermal systems from Econar and GeoComfort.

High Efficiency Cooling (and Heating) Systems

We offer premium Carrier Infinity gas furnaces with efficiencies of up to 98% AFUE. These furnaces use E.C.M. motors to save homeowners 80% on the cost of electricity to operate your furnace and air conditioning system. We also install Carrier Puron, Environmentally friendly air conditioners, and air source heat pumps. These systems have S.E.E.R. ratings of up to 21. Air source heat pumps or “hybrid” heating systems reach 250% efficiencies and complement new or existing furnaces.

Strandlund Refrigeration, Heating, and Cooling work with very professional builders and designers for the new home remodeling market. Please check out our 'About Us' page for links to professional partners we can highly recommend! We have several customers who have started their projects by contacting our office prior to contracting with a builder/remodeler. We will also work with you or your builder to design your new homes geothermal or conventional heating, cooling and ventilation system. These pictures show some of the new homes we have installed systems in!

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